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Startseite | Migration, Flucht und GesundheitMaterialienPolicy Update February 2019

Katharina Bamberg, Ilene van Brouwershaven, Marie De Somer

Policy Update February 2019

Epim – European Programme for Integration and Migration

Schlagwort(e):Forschung, Integration, Migration

This policy update’s Special Focus looks at the situation in the Mediterranean, where SAR vessels have been caught in stand-offs with EU member states over the disembarkation and relocation of asylum seekers. Since the end of 2018, so-called “temporary arrangements” have been implemented aiming to relocate migrants rescued at sea to those member states willing to cooperate. In an effort to move away from this problematic, ad-hoc approach, the Commission proposes setting up a contingency plan that would provide a more structural mechanism for relocating asylum seekers to EU member states.

Difficult winter conditions on the Greek islands are prompting a number of NGOs to (again) call on Greek authorities to relocate migrants to better equipped reception centres on the mainland. At the same time, advocacy efforts are being made to improve housingconditions on the islands, where the refugee camps, due to the geographical restrictions of the EU-Turkey deal, have long surpassed their maximum capacity.

The restriction put on the migrants’ movement is also a topic of debate in the context of increased border management cooperation between France and the UK. Faced with a rise in the number of people crossing the Channel, the British Home Office has increased bordersurveillance activities. These activities, and the UK Home Secretary’s rhetoric in respect to the Channel crossings, have been widely criticised by NGOs and legal commentators.

In the Closer Look section, the European Alternatives To Detention (ATD) Network describes the progress made towards decreasing the use of immigration detention and offering alternatives to decision-makers. The aim of these alternatives is to establish migration management systems that produce better outcomes for migrants, communities and governments.

Das aktuelle Policy Update des European Programme for Integration blickt insbesondere auf die Themen des Grenzmanagements an der Grenze zwischen Frankreich und Großbritannien oder die Frontex-Reform:

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